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Since selling my main blog, I've ecstatically been pursuing other projects online and here at home, and I've just completed my first Annie Sloan Chalk Paint project and go figure....I have to blog about it! You just never know what new obsession I might be delving into and of course, I love sharing about my passions and frugal ways I increase enjoyment of our home and life.

Naturally, with my frugal lifestyle for the past 15+ years, I've done more than my share of makeovers with flea market finds and yes...even side of the road finds and learned many moons ago that paint was my best friend. Well....I was blown away and elevated to a new level when I discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Those of you familiar with it will, I'm sure, empathize with my newest addiction.

Leave it to me NOT to test out on something small or fairly unimportant, like, say.... a picture frame. Oh, no! I went straight for the BIG project!

My parents recently downsized and gave me their dresser set that they purchased when they first got married (pushing 50 years now!). It sat in my spare room because I knew I wanted to re-do it, but I wanted to do it right.

Hence, this is PART 1 of the 2 Piece dresser set makeover and my first Annie Sloan chalk paint project. (Which I now know was just the first of MANY more to come!)

For reference, I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in "Old Ochre" and used Annie Sloan Soft Wax in both Clear and Dark.

I was in love with all of the nooks & crannies of this piece, but that made the dark waxing a bit tedious and I think I may still go back and wax a bit more in some spots - but overall for my first attempt with ASCP, I LOVE it!

Without further ado......

The original - after nearly 50 years in my parents bedroom! Applying Old Ochre - very "white" until the waxing process

I opted to use Brasso on the very tarnished drawer pulls - as the golden look brought out the dark wax detail

So, what do you think?

I'm whooped... but also super excited to get started on the much larger piece that matches this dresser set - and to share with you!

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