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I've been on the hunt this past week for a budget friendly wreath for Fall and WOW...I've been blown away by prices - everything from handmade locally to WalMart. So, as usual, I decided I could probably put something together to meet the need and keep from breaking the bank!

I saw a super cute Fall letter wreath on Pinterest, that I thought was a perfect alternative for the front door. But, as I read the instructions I decided I was not crafty enough to attempt and I'm too impatient...I would have to hit the store and purchase modge podge & scrapbooking supplies and, did I mention I'm too impatient when I get an idea in my head?

So...Voila! My latest DIY On The Cheap inspired from a Pinterest Pin: My Fall Letter Wreath Alternative - hanging on my front door within 2 hours of my inspiration :D

Here's what I used -all of which I had on hand, except for the letters, which were about $2 each at Walmart.

  • Wide Ribbon
  • Glue Gun
  • Paint (any kind!)
  • Tape
  • Unfinished Wood Letters

    Notice that I'm not being specific, because you can really use whatever type ribbon, paint or tape you have on hand. That's why this is DIY On A Budget!

    * If your door is exposed to rain, you will want to use an exterior paint or use a spray sealant on your letters.

    Paint the letters in your choice of colors and let them dry. Once dry, I chose to free hand polka dots, stripes,etc. - do what you feel inspired & are skilled to do. You could obviously get very formal with that, but I'm just not that picky or free-hand talented!.

    Measure your ribbon by hanging on your door to see where it will fall and where you want the letters to fall. Remember to leave enough overlap onto the back of your door to secure with tape. I marked the back of mine as well as the general letter placement on the ribbon with a piece of chalk.

    Place your dry, painted letters onto the ribbon and arrange how you want them. Hot glue onto the back of the letters to secure to ribbon. Keep in mind the spots of the letter that touch the ribbon so you don't glue to your table (like I did at first!).
    Hang onto your door and use tape on the inside of the door for the main security and then secure as needed under the front of the ribbon. Snip the ends of your ribbon to make them pretty ;)

    I tied a separate ribbon and hot glued it to the top because mine looked too plain. You could obviously do all sorts of things to spruce it up and embellish.

    That's it!

    No major crafting skills required, quick & most of all CHEAP :D

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