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The following Thrifty Little Craft on PineCone Christmas Trees was completed and written by my Dad, Jim Kohn. His "Helper" is my youngest son, who is now 14! They completed this project every year for so many years and I have some beautiful Christmas Decorations that I will treasure for a lifetime!

The best part about can probably round up the supplies you need already in your house or hit the $1 store for variations!

Miniature Christmas Trees Using Pine Cones

Supplies Needed:

  • Pine Cones, 6” to 8” Cones work well, though you can go bigger if you want. You can purchase Cones or take the kids on a field trip and let them find them theirselves; Coulter Pine Trees produce the larger Cones.

  • Colored Felt/Cotton Balls, Felt Balls hold together better **think tiny pom poms!

  • Spray Paint, I used Gold, but Silver or Green look very nice as well

  • Glitter

  • Kraft Glue - choose one that will dry sooner rather than later and make sure that it is Non-Toxic

  • Pipe Cleaners and or strings of small beads. If you have small children stick to the Pipe Cleaners as small beads may be a choking hazard.

  • Cut-outs or Foam shapes of Candy Canes, Trees, Reindeer or other Christmas items to top off the Pine Cone Tree or to use as decorations on or in your project.

    Ready, Set, Go !

    A moist cloth should be used to clean the Pine Cones then let dry. Try to use Cones with a flat Bottom as they will stand up better when displayed. Take the Cones outside to Spray Paint, not too heavy, and then sprinkle with glitter before the paints dries. KIDS are real good at putting on glitter - remember, this is “Christmas Crafts for Kids”. Allow plenty of time to dry.

    Cover the Dining Room table with plenty of Newspaper to collect lose glitter and you're ready to decorate!

    Have the kids glue on the colored balls first - any color anywhere is a good rule of thumb - they can’t go wrong.

    Allow a few minutes to dry then add other items such as Christmas cut-outs, Sequins, Ribbons, buttons, yarn - the possibilities are endless.

    Pipe Cleaners or Ribbon can be used for Garland by wrapping it nicely in and around the Pine Cone. Attach Pipe Cleaners end to end, using different colors or stick to one color - both ways look good.

    If you have a small angel lay it in atop of the tree and glue it on three sides to provide stability. Anything your child would like to see atop the tree will also be the perfect choice, after all this is a Christmas Craft for, yup… KIDS!

    If you like this simple DIY craft, be sure to leave a comment! Our "Guest Writer" (my Dad!) would love to hear it!

    HAVE FUN! This will be great for the days when school is out and kids are bored!

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