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Thrifty Little Yard Sale Finds

Fridays are turning out to be awesome Yard Sale Days! This year my youngest son has baseball games on Saturday mornings, so I've missed out on some Early Spring Yard Sales but am quickly making up for it on Fridays!
When I am Yard Saling (is that a word?), I am on a mission! I print out a list from the classifieds with the addresses, stop at the ATM and get 20 bucks ( which is my limit on any yard sale day!)and map out my route. Today I had a total of 7 yard sales to hit, which is pretty good for a Friday!
Here are my Frugal Fabulous Yard Sale Finds from today:
Pair of Candle Holders, store tagged on the bottom at $29.99 each, I paid $1 each These will look great on my mantle!
Pet Taxi - oversized - these are always so pricey! I don't have one because I would never pay the retail price($40 and up for this size). They had it yard sale priced for $5 and I snagged it for $3 ! This will come in handy when taking Chloe and Phoenix to the Vet!
Strip of Track Lighting with 3 lights Very pricey in stores - Marked at $2, I got it for $1 and will re-sell it for considerably more either on Ebay or at my Flea Market Booth!
Brand New Pair of Shoes I paid $1 for these, I just thought they were cute!
2 Brand New Lancome Totes Very cute with leopard print interior, I paid .50cents each for these and also got the pink Hot Tools bag
Brand New HardBack Book - "The Gluten Connection" I paid .50cents for it and will re-sell it on Amazon for considerably more.

I saw lots of great deals that I had to restrain myself from! One yard sale had a fairly new double seat wicker bench that was priced at $10. I wanted to offer them $8 , but knew that my house is already overflowing and I had nowhere to put it! If I thought I could have gotten it in my car, it would have been a great money maker for the flea market! But I passed and someone else will get a great deal!

Overall a pretty good yard sale trip today. What have you found at a yard sale or thrifty shopping trip lately?

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