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I've got another NO CRAFT GENE REQUIRED Project for ya! This one might not even cost you a thing!

I hunted around the house for all that I needed to create these DIY Poster board Fabric Topiaries. I used a pair of old candlesticks, an old curtain and some broken costume jewelry and bead garland.

For the base, I used these old candlesticks and to hold the form onto them...yeppers, I hot glued an upside down paper bowl. On my other one, I had a small piece of floral foam that I cut and used.
To make the form for your topiary, simply use a piece of poster board paper that I had on hand for kids projects. You can grab it at your local dollar store - mine has them 2/$1.

Using the long side of the poster board, simply roll your paper until you have the point at the top and the width for the topiary you want. You'll cut down the bottom/uneven portion to leave yours at whatever height you like. I used shipping tape to secure it.
I cut fabric from an old/unused curtain I had hung onto because I loved the damask print. I also made a second one with even more of my leftover fabric from my dining room table re-do.
I then sprayed my posterboard form all over with an all purpose adhesive spray and rolled it onto the fabric. Smooth out any wrinkles and I didn't worry about the back side where the fabric edges meet - noone will ever see that part!

I used scrap edging and ribbons and then some sentimental broken pins, beads and pieces from old jewelry. You can decorate yours with anything you like...my Grandbaby helped me with mine and we had so much fun!
We still have to add some embellishments to the brown/black one, but I had to share that one too!

That's it! This one is very simple to do and beats paying upwards of $40 and much more for similar topiaries in stores!

I LOVE topiaries and the possibilities for styles with this project are limitless! They will make for some great gifts, too!

What do you think? I'm sure you can create some beautiful topiaries to put mine to shame!

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  1. Love these. I think I could actually make them myself too. Thanks for sharing with my knock off decor party.

  2. Hi Wendy! Found you on Knock-Off Decor Party! Don't you just love cone trees? It seems like I'm possessed with them, working on a couple right now that I will be posting about.Love your blog so much that I'm now following you!

  3. Hey Gail! Thanks so much for the visit & follow :D And yes, I'm thinking my home may now have too many of them LOL but they are so much fun! I was already following you- love your blog!


  4. These are beautiful! You did a great job putting them together with lovely fabric choices. Thanks for sharing!
    Jessica @ A Humble Creation

  5. Thanks so much, Jessica! Heading over to check out your blog now ;)


  6. These are adorable!!! Pinning for next year!

    1. Thanks, Christy! They were fun to make and I've seen lots of variations amidst the blogosphere for all holidays & year round decor ;)



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